Going to Slush? Here's 6 Startups You Shouldn't Miss

Slush 2014

Slush 2014 will be huge. More than 1,000 startups will be hustling for investor, media and visitor attention screaming as loud as they can to be on everyone’s lips. It’ll be easy to get lost in the jungle and miss all the best stuff – the pearls.

To make sure you won’t leave Slush empty-handed (you won’t), we gathered a mini-guide to help you find the jewels of the show. These six startups you should check out closely, no matter how late you are for that other meeting! 



Short:  “The #1 Online Destination for Running Events”
What:  MyNextRun is the most convenient way to find and register to running events around Europe. The service has already spread accross Europe operating in 17 languages with customers in 35 countries. MyNextRun holds the grand title “Leading European-wide running event network”.
Founded:  2010
At Slush for:  “Slush is full of energy. It’s great to meet all the entrepreneurs building new growth-companies!”
Contact:  Sami Granfors, CEO
Site:  MyNextRun.com 



Short:  “Spotify of Fitness”
What:  SportSetter makes discovering and experiencing new sports, classes and gyms convenient and cost-effective. Featured in “Top 10 Fitness Apps 2014” by Men’s Fitness, the company boasts partnerships with the likes of Reebok, L’Oreal, Elixia & Crunch gyms. With a team based in both Helsinki & New York, they’re set for further expansion.
Founded:  2012
At Slush for:  Funding, Strategic growth partners, Recruitment (Growth marketers, Senior tech know-how, & Senior Operations girl/guy)
Contact:  Niko Karstikko, Co-Founder
Site:  SportSetter.com 


VENUU – yep, that’s us :)

Short:  ”Airbnb for Event Venues”
What:  Venuu makes it easy to find the perfect space for weddings, seminars, parties and all kinds of events. Currently dominating Finland, the company is also expanding it’s offering to include a wide range of event services (catering, DJs, speakers…), thus becoming The Amazon of Events. International expansion to begin in 2015.
Founded:  2013
At Slush for:  Funding for international expansion. Recruitment: 2 kick-ass developers, 1 UX-designer
Contact:  Jasu Koponen, CEO
Site:  Venuu.fi 



Short:  ”The easiest way to create your own marketplace website”
What:  Sharetribe helps anyone to create their own peer-to-peer marketplace in the spirit of Airbnb and Etsy. Setting up the site takes no more than a few minutes. The buyers can pay for their purchases through the marketplace payment system and the admin can monetize the marketplace by charging a transaction fee. Our technology is currently powering dozens of marketplaces in 15 countries. We want to make it affordable for anyone around the world to create their own marketplace without any technical experience.
Founded:  2011
At Slush for:  Are you planning to create your own marketplace startup? Come talk to us.
Contact:  Juho Makkonen, CEO
Site:  Sharetribe.com 



Short:  “Disruptive digital diabetes management solutions to significantly reduce the burden of diabetes”
What:  A leading provider of individualized, connected & outcome driven digital diabetes management solutions. Currently commercializing first glucose meter and cloud service in Europe and China. New product out in early 2015.
Founded:  2006
At Slush for:  Mendor is looking to meet investors and other health startups for potential partnering
Contact:  Kristian Ranta, CEO
Site:  Mendor.com 



Short:  “Digital health solution provider for long-term treatment follow-up”
What:  NetMedi provides a web-based patient-reported outcome software for state-of-the-art hospitals to enable patients and their medical staff to securely communicate online. The solution is currently used at some of the most modern hospitals in Finland, Sweden and Switzerland, including world-leading cancer centers.
Founded:  2012
At Slush for:  Investors and recruitment. Currently open positions for Head of Operations (requires fluent German and English) and developers with a passion for digital health.
Contact:  Lauri Sippola, CEO
Site:  NetMedi.fi 

Good. Now the only question is: “Will Slush have even cooler lasers this year?!”


PS. Drop me an email if you want to have a chat before, during or after Slush. Partnerships, funding, hiring, and all things crazy are my jars of whiskey.